How did you know your job was for you? [USA]

I (Late 20’s F) recently left my career of several years. My health was declining and the industry/company expectations were causing severe anxiety attacks. After some talking with my doctors, therapist and spouse, we decided I need to not work for a little while, rest, reset my mental health, and figure out a plan from there.

Here’s where my question comes into play: I got kind of thrown into my career, and while I like some aspects of it, I mainly stayed because I was making very good money. Now I’m in a position in my life that I can maybe go back to school or find a new career (making less money if I truly love it) but I have NO IDEA what I’m passionate about. I’ve never really had the option before.

So Reddit (TLDR): How did you know your job was for you? Can you give some pros and cons about your job/industry? TIA!

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