Should I quit?

So I had a meeting with my manager about attendance because it escalated to the point where I have a suspension because of it( I was sick and a family emergency happened) now I figured this would happen and took responsibility for my actions. However, whilst in the meeting, when he explained that basically this could end my employment if continued, I said ok. It wasn’t even a dry ok I just didn’t know what to say. He then proceeds to tell me he doesn’t think I care. Which I replied I do but basically said there’s no reason to cry about it because I can’t fix it now but I know that attendance in the future is within my control so I’ll focus on that. However, what got me is when I said I had a family emergency and that I would try to avoid being called on again in that case, he basically said work is my number one priority over everything which I couldn’t disagree more because if my family needs me or if I’m not feeling well I’m not forcing myself to work. Period. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that at this company either. It’s like I understand a company will prioritize itself first but damn. Anyway I just want to see if anyone had a similar experience or could give me any advice. Thanks

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