23M quit my last resort job, what are other good career paths to get into?

So I’m feeling pretty down about what I’ve accomplished so far and would like to hear what career paths are good to get into to live comfortably.

Some context to where I’m at(also just a rant): I had been working as a body tech apprentice along with 3 others for the last 6 months and have been performing the worst. This company had a program set up to train us to become body techs after a year or so. They were paying for ICAR training courses which gives us certifications to perform the insurance work. Being ICAR certified basically meant you get payed really well as a body tech. If everyone at one body shops was certified then the whole shop is recognized as a gold standard which meant even more money. I came into this with 0 experience and hoped I would be able to keep up but I’m honestly just ass at the job.

Since 16 I worked part time after school. Once I graduated I went straight into university while working part time only to drop out. Afterwards I got into community college with the intentions of figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. Up until this point the jobs I held were at jackinbox, target, Amazon delivery, and construction labor. The cc I was attending had automotive programs where upon completion you can get one or two associates degrees, along with many different ICAR certifications. This then led me to get hired at the current body shop I was working with. I’m just not cut out for it as I thought I would be. I kinda just feel like a loser for not knowing what to do with my life.

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