Bad performance, losing respect from colleagues. How to turn it around?

Been at job for 2+ years, things started off great with good impressions. However, my mental health has been pretty awful, I’ve contemplated quitting since December 2021. the job is quite stressful and chaotic and there have been changes in the team and company.

Tbh though I place most blame on myself. This has been a very bad year for my performance. I’ve been unreliable, not very responsive to messages/emails or focused, and people have to chase me up several times for things. It takes me awhile to follow up on tasks and backlog became huge. It has become increasingly obvious to everyone since earlier this year.

For awhile people were patient, but now everyone and people on my team who used to give me the benefit of the doubt now seem to have lost respect for me/not very forgiving (understandably so).

I’ve started changing up my strategy and organisation of tasks, but at times it feels too little too late and I have to deal with the mess I created for myself.

Have you ever turned things around in a job?
What would you recommend to gain respect back and impress people once again?

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