Should I be Fretting over second interview because of resume typo?

So I had one of the best interviews today I’ve ever had maybe the best. I got all the green flags, she talked about availability, benefits, and the hiring manager wants me to meet with one of the partners of the firm(designs). The nerves I’m having have to do with my resume, after I sent it I clocked 2 typos, they were minor but it’s enough that it’s wracking my nerves. The recruiter also said she’d only briefly glanced my resume so I’m assuming they went unseen. How worried should I be here. The recruiter is also super casual and I get the impression they care more about the person but I’m just worried someone is gonna check. Do resumes really matter after the first interview? I really think aside from this I got this in the bag. My former career counselor thinks I’m in my head but man do I want this job and also it’s a very specific position with very specific qualifications so I’m pretty sure I’m the only applicant at the moment

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