Took a 16-Year Break From My Industry (IT / Security). What Are My Chances of Getting Back In?

I worked for 8 years doing IT networking and security for a massive Fortune 500 company. Was good at my job, but the crazy hours and on-call duty ruined my quality of life.

Left at age 30 to travel the world and became self-employed with various gigs. Never expected to return to tech, but life has taken an unpredictable twist after the pandemic. I can no longer earn a living in my current occupation.

I can assume the 16-year gap on my resume will make most hiring managers choke.

I’m 47 years old (American) and looking to reinsert myself into the Matrix after getting unplugged. Do you think pursuing some current industry certifications would help my chances? Or is the gap too wide to bridge once they know my age?

Thanks for reading!

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