What is the best strategy for this negotiation?

I received an offer today from a competing firm in my industry. Overall it’s solid and comparable to my current compensation with two notable exceptions. The base salary is 10% lower and the PTO is just about 4 days less (16 instead of my current 20)

Neither of these are absolute dealbreakers though it’d be nice to have them at least a little closer to my current rates. I’m considering the offer because I’m not particularly happy with my current position. I like this new firm’s portfolio, have a couple people I know who work there and can vouch for it, and have been promised a clearer trajectory towards advancing my career goals.

All this said, I definitely still plan on negotiating the offer however am unsure how much detail to give. On one hand it seems like I could tell them exactly how far off they are in salary/PTO and see if they’re willing to meet them. On the other hand I could just simply note that the offer looks great but the salary/PTO are less than my current position and would they be willing to come up on both of those.

Based on discussions with a friend who’s a current employee and has shared her salary with me I’m not expecting them to be able to meet the entire 10% difference so I’m leaning towards not sharing the numbers, noting where they’re low, and putting it back in their hands.

Appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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