A job that’s good with computers, typing/data input.? Career change.


I have 10 years experience in the healthcare field and was going more to the clinical side but decided to do a career change for my health (stress) and lean into something I know I’m good at. I was in nursing school and unfortunately was just academically dismissed due to not turning an assignment in on time. This was my second time trying nursing school. I felt like a failure but since I’ve been out of school, I’ve realized it was a good experience for me as the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve been able to enjoy life again.

I’m really good with administration work (front med. office), great with customer service and confrontation. I feel I’m really good with computers too. Hell, I use to code for fun when I was a teen. Not so sure I want to do that now for a career though.

I tried literally searching “jobs with lots of typing” or something along the lines and a data steward came up. Thing is, I’m not really good with math and I saw something about a degree in engineering I think?

This may be unrelated but apparently according to my husband, every job I’ve had has been toxic. I worked with females who were bitchy and snotty. I am the type of person who likes to be positive in a job environment and likes to befriend everyone. (I know I can’t be friends with everyone but I just want to be able to work together without crap going on) I’m introverted and also rather nerdy/geeky. My husband works in IT and the way he explains his work and how he’s able to get along with his colleagues makes me so jealous. They can talk about common interests and there’s no freaking drama.

I’m currently expecting and want to provide for my family. I do have an AS in science already. Any input is appreciated.

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