help im desperate-how to ask for job to change without making it seem like I can’t do my job?

Obligatory “I’m on mobile” so pardon the format and pardon if the title is hard to understand

I’m very burnt out in my job for more reasons than I feel I can list so im desperate. Ok, here it goes:

I currently work as an Office Admin at a front desk. It’s so hard to describe what my job is because I do a bit of everything. Among other things, my team handles HR, IT, finance so on top of my own stuff, I’m helping with everyone else’s.

It seems all I’ve been doing for more than a year is finances though. I do love doing the finances and honestly hate pretty much everything else about my job. There’s just so much to do and the problem is that I can’t do everything. Especially to a good standard.

I’ll be trying to do finances, but I’m interrupted all the time. Either people need supplies, have questions, or just want to chat. Which is fine! That’s what I’m there for! And I do love talking to people. It’s just that’s on top of deliveries, visitors, generally anything you could think of that comes through the door and causes noise and disturbance.

And our finance process is a bit out of whack right now which is making it so much harder and taking longer to do. And because I’m trying to get the finance stuff done, all my OA duties are left neglected. So it just looks like I’m not good at anything in my job.

All I want to do is the finances though. I’m good at it and I really love it. I just hate the fact that it feels like I’m saying “I can’t do my job” and that even though I’m the only one in my department who knows how to do my portion of the finances, they’ll just find someone else.

Just so I’m being clear, what I want is to not be an OA, especially not sit at at the front desk, and just do finance.

How should I phrase the request so that it doesn’t make me look bad?

Oh and just to add context to my situation and may explain why I’m so burnt out:

• I’m on my fourth supervisor
• There was a point I was the only admin for a department of almost 100 people

And many more.

Thanks in advance for any advice I might receive 🙏🏻

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