I’m about to lose my job,but I want to quit. how do I bring up the issues I had?

I’m probably going to lose my job, but I also want to quit

Long story short, my jobs decided to give me a letter with the things I have done “wrong” these are all to do with my workplaces facilities. I’m probably about to lose my job, but I want to make them aware that the things that have been brought up are not just down to me. I’m not enjoying it there no more. How do I go about all this during the meeting, am i straight up and saying i don’t wanna work there no more. Or do i stick it out. (I have also been off in hospital, and they have told me that it’s not good enough, even though I’ve got all the notes)
In addition to this I’m on on £6.56,minimum wage, I’m currently on my way into moving into a flat with my boyfriend and I need a new job to support the cost of living which has risen, how do I bring this up.

Any advice is helpful, I’ve not explained it to well.

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