Send Another Follow-Up Or Move On?

I work at a startup and want a change of pace, benefits, and stability. I graduated a few months ago and am already working 50-60 hours weekly. The senior engineers I work under get really angry at me or laugh at me when I ask questions or don’t know something (thankfully, I’ve been able to learn on my own and from the other junior engineer). I also feel kind of uncomfortable at the office because when they see me by the coffee machine or my desk, they seem annoyed at my presence. The pay is also subpar for the area (DC Metro), but I took it over another because I didn’t want to move out of state but did need to move out of my parents’ house.

I was very excited about working for a small DoD contractor, but I’ve become pretty frustrated with their recruiting process. I applied the first week of August, and a recruiter from the company emailed me a week later to set up an interview. We spoke the day after, and she said she wanted me to do one or two technical interviews with the team and would let me know the next day when the interviews would be.

Fast forward to the second to last day of the month, and I haven’t heard anything, so I follow up, and she says she was sick and has been out, then confirms the interview date for the next morning. The next day comes, and she says it’ll be some time at the end of the month and that she’ll let me know the exact time and date later. I free up that time window by lying to my boss.

I had been studying for a couple of weeks after work to prepare for the technical interview and was able to solve the coding challenge and explain my solution well. Since I passed the coding challenge, I proceeded to the final round interview right after, where I really hit it off with the leads. I knew most of the answers they threw at me; we had a lot of similar interests (they weren’t that much older than me) and even cracked a few jokes. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask when I should expect to hear back since I had felt bad about pushing the recruiter to set this up when she’d just returned to the office from being sick. I sent everyone a thank you note after the interview before going to work.

A week later, I sent a follow-up email to the recruiter to check the status of my candidacy. She replied the next day, saying that it was a short week (Labor Day holiday), so they had been slow to pick things up, but the team I interviewed with was very interested in me and that she’d hopefully have an update for me early in the following week. A couple of days passed, and she didn’t get back to me. I called the office to see if I could speak to her or someone else in HR, but the receptionist said none of them were in, but she’d forward my message to the HR manager and they’d get back to me by the end of the week. The end of the week has come, and nothing.

My job hunt is nearing three months. I liked this company and am tired of sending apps and doing three interviews per company just to get ghosted. I’ve noticed a lot of places have been laying people off and cutting openings for new grads and junior devs. I’m frustrated and want to leave my job, but I have to bare with it until I find something else. Should I even continue to bother with this particular company? And any advice for my next move would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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