Sold a line of BS during the interview?

I’m coming from a company I had seniority at, good relationships with co workers, outstanding benefits etc. I only left because I wanted to learn a new skill I couldn’t at my old company without moving to Texas or something. I also liked my last boss so once he left I left quickly after. Anyways, I was excited to start the job I have now since I’ve been wanting to learn said skills for awhile and branch out my current skill set. It’s not even close to what was sold to me. On top of that I am extremely against micromanagement. That’s not my style. These managers said they were super laid back and we are able to work from home. Nope, they’ve been hawks every since I started. ( can’t work from home.) Not just to me but the current staff here complains about them all of the time.

They basically said whatever to get me into the door and switched it up. I’m ok to cross train but if that’s all I’m doing. I have an issue. I’m pretty upset about leaving my old company and giving up the seniority I had. Ugh.

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