What certificates and proficiencies did you learn for your computer based job or administrative work?

I am looking into remote work for the time being, and would like to use this time to develop my proficiency in admin, data entry, proofreading, virtual assistance and everything in between on a computer up to coding. I am not sure where to begin with learning how to use programs such as MS Excel, where to gain proofreading guideline knowledge and experience, non-college based coding skills, and anything that can get me a computer based job. I would like to translate this in the future to any job, not just remote work.

For people with computer based jobs both at home and in office, what is your job/skill, and where did you learn it? There are courses such as Google Career Certificates which offer courses in things such as project management, data analytics, and UX design. Does anybody have any experience or references for online learning like this in your field? What computer based field are you in/would you recommend is best to learn and join?

For both digital/coding based workers, as well as admin/data entry/office workers, what certifications and proficiencies would you recommend to have to get a foot in the door and add to a resume? What softwares, programs, and duties do you deal with in your daily work? Without college, where did you learn them? What writing or digital skills does your job use that you implement daily?

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