What would you do in this situation?

Was a temp, did everything and anything ppl asked of me in hopes of securing a full time position within my city. Temp came to an end and I landed a full time position. Now, 6 months into my full time position I’m being asked to help out and fill in for someone because they needed someone badly. Of course I agreed cause it’s not something I mind doing. But now they are asking me to do things for them off the clock. Not only are the tasks off the clock, they are also private info I’d be taking outside the vpn. It sort of surprised me they would put me in that spot but it’s probably because I agreed to do whatever before in hopes of getting a job. I was able to explain I didn’t want to have my actual job prevent me from meeting the deadlines for entering in the info. The person asking for my work is pretty high on the food chain professionally. Has anyone dealt with this type of thing? This is my first “adult” job with a union and bennies so is this just how it is? I’ve always worked entry level jobs so idk if this is normal or not. The difference between retail jobs and this is kinda crazy. I usually don’t get picked up out of the Reddit algorithm so if you do see this and respond I thank you

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