Accidentally no-showed to a work-related volunteer event. Will I get fired?

Hi everyone. I hope you guys can give me advice. I’m very wordy so please bear with me; I’ll try not to give too much information.

I just started a new job about 3 months ago. This is my first decent-paying corporate job, which I got after years of health problems and personal issues that made it hard for me to maintain well-paying employment, so this job means a lot to me and I want to do well. It’s been a huge adjustment though — I often feel lost and like I’m learning from scratch. The pressure (from myself, and from the job) does overwhelm me sometimes.

I volunteered for an event last weekend that an organization related to my job held — they had a booth at a festival — because my job requires a lot of networking. I didn’t really want to go, but I volunteered anyway because my boss likes these kinds of events and is on the committee of the organization that had the booth. (Truthfully, the networking is my least favorite part of the job, but my boss considers me “likable” and “personable” and wants me doing more of it.)

I get migraines (rarely, thank God) and got a bad one last weekend that lasted on and off for almost the entire weekend. I almost forgot about the event until it was a few minutes before it started, and I didn’t feel capable of much of anything and felt almost delirious, so I thoughtlessly looked up the phone number of the festival and called to say I couldn’t come. I’m pretty sure now I called someone who wasn’t directly involved with the organization and the message didn’t reach the event organizers.

I realized how stupidly I handled that entire situation the day after and was hoping no one would notice and it would be forgotten, but this morning my boss asked me how it went over the phone. I said I didn’t go because I had a migraine, but it was obvious that I didn’t directly deliver the message that I couldn’t attend to the event organizers because I couldn’t even remember the name of whoever answered the phone (and I still don’t remember). I’m sure it sounded bad to my boss.

He was obviously very displeased. There were a lot of long, awkward silences on the phone, and said that this was “very problematic” because it reflects poorly on his team for his assistant to no-show at events like these. (He is very concerned about his team’s reputation, which is important in this line of work.) I offered to contact the event organizers and smooth over the issue with them, but he said he would do it instead and insisted on it when I offered to do it myself. I apologized profusely, but the call ended on a low note.

I’m extremely worried that I might get fired. I haven’t made any serious mistakes up until now, though I’m still totally new to the industry and to “corporate” culture so there’s been a big learning curve. I don’t see my boss in person until Tuesday next week and I’m dreading getting an call or an email from him about the issue before then, or him bringing it up when we see each other.

What you do think about the health of my employment right now? And is there anything I can do to smooth other the situation?

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