Any 2nd career suggestions for a healthcare MarComm person?

Location: Colorado, USA

I have put 10 years into my career in healthcare marketing and communications and now I think I’m ready for something else.

The thing I dislike most about my job is social media marketing and management. I’m getting to a place in life where I’m tired of being on social platforms, I’m tired of the way they screw with their users for a buck, and I’m tired of having to learn new ways to get around algorithms so that I can market things like addiction recovery.

The other things, like graphic design, strategy, meetings, content creation, writing, etc don’t bother me as much but I am getting burned out. I’ve looked at just changing employers but everything revolves around social media marketing now and that won’t change.

I think the frustration is making me depressed and making it harder for me to see a different future. Does anyone out there have ideas of other careers that a marketing communications background would work well for? I could just use some help thinking outside the box. I’m open to going back to school for a new career but would prefer not to with how much debt my first degree got me.

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