Career change and am I crazy to take a half pay cut?

Basically, I’m doing a shift work factory job. It’s graveyards and days swapping every two weeks for two weeks. 10-12 hour shifts. Making $38 an hour. I am unhappy will the instability and tasks of the job as I’ve been here for 6 years and it’s not healthy. It’s a lime dust plant, respirator use, labour, shovelling, loading trucks on a giant scale with lime, etc. Easy job but unsatisfying.

I have the option to do plumbing, but I’ll take a half wage paycut, $19 to start, and a lot more travel time to jobs in traffic, but if it works out I’ll have a new career steady 7-3 job in construction and a trade. Eventually top rate is $42-$45. But it’s a risk. It’ll be a huge change, may not work out, but might be better long term for family life. I never see friends and family anymore. 31 years old, no kids, but will be having one in a couple years, so no family yet, no debt, and savings are good to last me in case of an emergency. I could manage but barely it would be basically paycheck to paycheck for a year or two for sure until I get raises.

People say don’t leave because of the pay and try to convince me to stay, some say I should due to health long term as shift work destroys your body, but there’s no future here for me. Both jobs are labour intensive. But I want s stable career, no shift work, and to me get back into my on hobbies and a routine. I have beneits and a pension right now as well.l set and that makes it very hard. This job is union, but also the plumbing company if I work out long term is also union, but not as good as my current. Not sure what’s better. I know a lot of people would love to work and have a job like mine but at the same time, health is important and having a life.

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