Does my request for bereavement leave seem unreasonable/refusal worthy?

I (M21) work a part time job at a grocery store. My best friend pass away today due to cancer. I have known he has been in declining health for a few weeks, and that at any moment he could die. As such, I called out of work the previous weekend (Saturday/Sunday) to go visit him and see at least once before he dies. My GM gave me shit for it but I don’t really mind that too much, my main concern would be now that my friend has actually died, will calling out affect whether or not I qualify for bereavement leave? I would be asking to have Saturday and Sunday off again (I already have Friday off). I also would like to know if bereavement leave is typically denied for people that aren’t immediate family/relatives. This death hurts a lot and has been affecting my work, and pretty much every area of my life. I have pretty much completely lost my drive to work for the past 2 weeks, and really need time to process this.

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