How to negotiate with current employer after accepting another offer and putting in my two weeks?

I currently make 85k USD as an engineer in a HCOL US city.

I wanted to move into sales and got an offer of 80k base salary, 120k expected total comp (up to 140k). In additional to the increased total comp, the new position has other benefits such as being WFH, no weekends (which I currently work a lot of + other early mornings / late nights), and it’s a global company with a lot of opportunity for growth. This role also has flexible PTO (I currently have 4 weeks), plus an annual week long trip to Europe for a conference which helps me achieve my personal travel goals.

When I put my two weeks in, my current company was sad to learn I was leaving but said they understood and that I could always come back. Now, a few days later, they are offering me raises to stay.

So far they’ve verbally offered “a little more than 100k” (I’m guessing 105-110). But mentioned there’s room for improvement.

What’s the best way to proceed?

With my new compensation and other added benefits, I’d probably only stay if they offered me something significantly higher such as 150k (and obviously I’d want this number to be as high as possible).

Side note: I also recently got my company in talks with a major major client to potentially be their sole provider of a specific service. Nothing is certain with this but it would be a huge contract and opportunity.

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