I would like to work a low effort, low expectations, part time “slacker” job, what types of jobs or fields should I look into?

I [28M] live in central Florida, and just quit my job in security at Disney, after working for Disney for about 9 months and working in the unarmed security field for over 4 years.

I have a reliable, consistent, secondary source of income that has a very low chance of being depleted anytime in the next 50-60 years. Basically, I’m lucky & privileged enough to be financially independent without ever having had to earn it. I only came in to this secondary source of income very recently, but before then I grew up in a working class family.

Long story short, I’m basically a *very* early retiree and I want a fun, part time “slacker job”. I have no real ambition for a big career, but I have ADHD, so I hate the idea of sitting around my house playing video games or watching tv all day. It sounds boring, I want a job that will give me some motivation to get out of the house and interact with people. I’m willing and able to drive an hour or two to get to the job.

Now, here’s what I could use some advice on: I don’t know what kind of jobs or fields to look into. I know what kind of job I would ideally like to have, though:

-First and foremost, I’d like a job where I’m a “background” employee. I don’t want a job where management really cares what you do as long as you show up and do your job when you’re scheduled

-a job that doesn’t have a *desperate* need for employees, so that I only get scheduled about 10-30 hours a week consistently (meaning same days & times every week).

-A job that’s easy to get into; I have a high school diploma and about a year and a half of college in the information technology field.

-it’s fine if the job has no opportunities for advancement, I don’t want to be a manager or have huge responsibilities

-minimum wage is totally fine. I pretty much do not care as long as they don’t try to schedule me for 50 hours a week. I want a job where I work like 2-3 days a week *at most*

I’m not looking for any job ads from y’all, so don’t worry! I’m just wondering what *types* of jobs or fields I should look into. Am I just looking for a unicorn job here? If so, which expectations should I lower? I’ll be around for a while to answer any questions in the comments section. I’d appreciate the help!

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