Invisibly disabled, what directions can I go?

My disability is a chiari malformation, which causes paralyzing headaches. I do mean paralyzing it’s that bad. Add to it anxiety and dizziness, all of the symptoms subside as I relax. Laying in bed and such. There is a surgery for it which I plan on getting but for now I’m stuck in medical limbo. Specialist appointments months apart and incompetent doctors.

That said I think my best choice is work from home, though I can make an attempt at regular office work. Not sure how that will work out as my anxiety is a wild card. I’ve been beating it so far but I can go from calm to feeling like a jumped out of a plane, all the while all I’m doing is standing at the cash register at the store waiting for my change.

So as far as work from home what are my options? I’m definitely not a people person but at this point I’d take customer service if that’s all there was. If it matters I’m in New York on long island so there’s work, but equally if not more desperate hungry people to fill the positions. It’s also an immigrant destination and they’re willing to work for less. I have that to contend with as well.

I’d appreciate anyone willing to be my proverbial compass. Thanks in advance. I was a contractor prior to my disability, this isn’t easy by any means. It’s a complete reinvention of myself.

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