Is it frowned on to stay at a company just long enough at a company to reach the vesting period for your stocks?

I was granted company stock last year as part of my bonus. It will vest in around 3 months. I know for sure I am leaving the company but I want to stay long enough to reach the vesting period because I need the money. I have another offer lined up and they are asking for start date. Would it look bad to make my last day the vesting date?

I feel like it should be okay because they obviously set up the vesting dates the way they do to incentivize you to finish up the year. I also was able to give my manager plenty of notice that I intend to leave and I will be able to wrap up my projects at my current company and possibly help hire and train the next person. But I just wanted to see if anyone else has experience with this and if it will burn any bridges etc.

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