Is this a possible mlm or just how marketing works?

I’m posting this under career guidance because I’m thinking of changing career paths here (hr to marketing), since I can’t stand answering to others anymore. Alternate advice is also appreciated.

So I have an interview next week for an entry level marketing account manager position where they train you up to manager. I have no marketing experience but I have work history in HR. It’s a start up company and when I look into it all the employees were people finishing their training program and also marketing account managers. It reminds me of how insurance companies recruit high schoolers for sales.

Nothing too weird so far since I know many companies have individual people assigned to accounts. Their website also shows how weirdly close all the employees are, playing office games and going on trips together (like a LOT of pics).

Maybe I’m thinking too much into it but I guess I’m just surprised at a company training hires over just hiring experienced individuals/marketing majors. Everyone getting trained and then handling their own team just screams forex to me.

Obviously I won’t know for sure until the interview if they try to sell me on something or I ask for more info but I just wanted to see if anyone could shed some light on if this is how marketing companies typically operate.

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