Leaving Teaching-what can I do?

Hi there. I posted in a teacher sub about places that give career advice and it was suggested I post here. Here’s my situation and any help would be appreciated.

I need to leave teaching. It’s draining me and I can’t do it anymore. However, I feel stuck and am unsure of where to turn. I’d love to stay in education but I can’t have a full classroom anymore.

I’m a teacher with a K-5 license. 14 years experience in public school with grades 2, 4, and 5. Mostly have taught math and science. I have a Masters in Teaching Biology, with an emphasis on inquiry and connecting kids to nature. With that degree I also organized several community events based on connecting kids to nature and local nature-based programs. I’ve run workshops on composting and bird watching.

I’ve taught in other capacities as well, at the zoo as an educator. At a local after school enrichment program teaching STEM, improv, cartooning, and art. I worked as a para at a private Montessori school.

I’ve been a local musician since 2009, organizing and promoting two established bands.

I’m REALLY good at connecting with kids. I like kids. I’m a great writer. A great organizer and planner. I’ve planned multiple benefits involving local bands and charities.

What can I do? Right now I make $80K. I’m willing to sell my house and go down to $65K to save my sanity. I’m a single mom and I need insurance and stability.

I have no idea where to start. But I can’t stay in traditional classroom teaching, I’m starting to have mild anxiety attacks and it’s not sustainable.


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