Mom let go at 70- Best next steps?

Long story short my mom has worked in the marketing department of a publicly traded financial firm/investment bank for the last 20 years. Firing was not performance based. “Position no longer needed” or something like that. She’s getting a nice severance package. If she had the energy, there could probably be one hell of a lawsuit here but she just wants to move on.

Anyway I want to help her decide on next steps. She can live on her severance for a year or so, but she’d probably like to start working again before then. She’s 70 but sounds 50 and is a great employee. Great with technology meaning that she’s fully capable of working from home likes she’s done the last 3 years.

I guess my question is what sort of roles should we start looking at for her? Someone with 20 years marketing experience at a financial firm, and the previous 20 years before that she helped my dad run his ad agency.

Let’s call it 40 years marketing experience, half on agency side half on client side.

Her new role needs to be remote. In marketing. I think she’d settle for $70k salary and less responsibility. Much less than she’s used to making but she can live on that.

Thanks for any input you can provide. Life keeps throwing her curve balls and I’d like to do my best to help guide her during this transition.

Edit: Great question. She is financially unable to retire due to some really shitty family events over the last 20 years.

Edit 2: After sleeping on it, my focus is shifting from helping her find a job to helping her retire, cut expenses, and living on her SS and her husbands job and SS. I don’t want her working anymore. I’ll be encouraging her to counter the bullshit severance offer she got, and will look in to the lawsuit option deeper, even though she doesn’t want to go that route. Thanks everyone.

Edit 3: After the initial shock of being laid off for the first time in her life and no longer having a job to wake up for, I think my mom is relieved. It’s time for her to retire. She needed to sleep on it for a couple days. She’s always worked. Her SS and Medicare plus her husbands job and eventual SS is enough to pay their bills. This situation isn’t as drastic as we initially thought once we sat down and looked at their SS income and bills. Now she will have to learn to relax and enjoy herself! Thanks for all the comments. Helped a lot with perspective.

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