Promising First Interview, But Ultimately Rejected. Advice On Resume Building For the Next Year?

Hello kind people of reddit! Looking for a tiny bit of application/resume-building advice here, since I seem to be a bit lost and relatively compassless for the next year or so.

I just graduated with my MFA in Creative Writing (I know, I know) and have it fixed in my head somehow that I would like to work in games–more specifically, at Bungie. I’m a longtime Destiny player and my friend landed themselves a job there a few years ago, along with a few MFA theatre grads, and tells me how much I’d love it there. I tried my hand at applying to a few entry level Bungie positions and got a couple of 30-minute preliminary interviews!

…and then they passed me up. Feeling as though I had gotten my toe in the door somehow (“I got a first interview! For two different positions! I must have some validating qualities!”), I frantically applied to many more positions to try and wedge it open. I haven’t gotten another interview since.

My background is in English literature, creative writing, and linguistics (BA and MFA) with a few small publications and local awards. The three years between undergrad and grad school I worked at intensive youth education programs, mostly in outdoor education, thinking that was my longtime career (spoiler: it wasn’t). Only recently have I made it my goal to work at Bungie, which means that I’m sorely lacking in any and all tech experience. I’ve heard from a few of my aforementioned Bungie friends that it doesn’t matter, especially since the positions I apply for don’t require any kind of coding or software experience, but those same friends have Coding Dojo certs and proficiency with multiple coding/software languages.

My current yearlong plan is to create some projects I can put on a portfolio, including:

* a few text-based narrative adventures using Twine
* a homemade TTRPG based around entomology (bugs)
* a very very small game with a few of my more coding-savvy friends (if they’re willing)
* volunteering for Bungie’s Ninja program and other community-based initiatives

I’ve also tried to apply to a few other gaming positions to get my foot in the door, but that…hasn’t gone great.

I’ve already exhausted my Bungie friends with questions, advice, and references, and now I’m afraid they’re getting very annoyed with me (which, honestly, understandable).

Any advice on how to spend this next year to make myself a more competitive applicant?

TL;DR: Dude who spent 7 years studying a language he already speaks wants to get into one of the most sought-after AAA company in North America. Help?

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