Should I keep freelancing or get a part/full time job?

Hi! I had been working most of my career in behavioral health, the salary with a bachelor’s was really low and I wanted a higher paying job before going for a Master’s.

Ended up getting a certificate as a Provisionally Approved Court Interpreter (slow process). Finally got my certificate and started getting calls from law firms (yay) and started freelancing.

Freelancing is fine but I haven’t gone all in, I’m writing this post cause this week I didn’t get booked, so it’s a challenge.

Before freelancing I had been unemployed for almost a year…
What would make me more appealing to be hired as a court interpreter?

1. Do you think employers value freelancing jobs? It’s my first time trying it.

2. Although there are job openings at the courthouse maybe because I’m Provisionally and not Certified I’m not the ideal candidate yet.

Should I:

a)Go all in on freelancing, branch out to law firms till I get hired at a Courthouse

b) Find a part/full time job at a related job (Witness advocate, legal intake assessor, legal assistant, entry level paralegal)

c) ?

PROS/CONS of a) I get to work specifically as a court interpreter BUT I need to face the freelancing challenges

PROS/CONS of b) I get a stable job BUT it’s not exactly as a court interpreter

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