Should I quit A well paying Job without A new position lined up?

I’m an engineer in my mid twenties. I’ve been working here for 2 years now out of college.

My work pays me a fair salary, gives me autonomy and isnt too hard on me regarding performance. I’ve had mental health issues including severe anxiety on the job recently. To the point where I can hardly approach coworkers for help. I mostly keep to myself everyday and scroll the internet, doing a couple hours of work a week. This has caused my job performance to slip and I’m consistently late on projects. My work is also a 75 minute drive from where I live now, and the commute is taking a toll on me and my new car which already has 75k miles in 2 years of working.

I want to quit and find a job within a half hour from where I live. I’m okay with not having a salary for a few months, I have saved around 1/2 of all the money I’ve earned post tax. My biggest expenses is on food and my car as I don’t have a rent. I’d spend this time off improving my physical and mental health, applying for me positions, and potentially doing something unrelated to engineering part time.

I have been applying for other jobs for several months and have not received an interview. I haven’t had time to have calls with potential employers due to work. I want to quit but I’m afraid I won’t be able to find a position close to home at a comparable pay. Is it worth the risk?

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