What option should I choose and why?

Opinions on my current situation: I am currently single (recently started dating a girl like 3 weeks ago) and no children.

Current company: good salary. Lots of freedom. Somewhat bored and not a lot of growth. My supervisor told me I have added a lot of value and I need to tell him what I need so they can keep me. I like the people. I love western colorado.

Company A: offered me 40k more. I would gain a lot of leadership experience and I would work globally. It’s a startup and I’m unsure on the future with the company. It’s remote so I could stay here. The people worry me a little though others have said they’re good people.

Company B: offered me essentially the same amount of money here – a little less. I’d get a ton experience doing interesting things. Some leadership experience. I’d have to move to Southern California or Arizona. I love the desert and i could likely pick up conversational Spanish. They also seem to be fairly unwilling to fork over anything substantial for relocation.


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