Should I leave this job?

Two weeks ago, I was hired to be a banquet manager at a private club. They started me working before I’d even done my drug test and background check, and training was very minimal. I got one night of training for how to close the paperwork out at night, and then the person who trained me went on vacation for a week. Now I’m literally just starting on week 3, and the only other person on my team, who’s been there for years, announced her last day is in 2 weeks.

This was sprung on me out of nowhere, then right after the announcement, I’m asked to stay in on another meeting with two of my bosses. They start it off by telling me I’m about to get a lot more busy and have more work on my plate (basically going to have to take over the leaving person’s responsibilities.) Then they start giving me an impromptu performance review about stuff that I’m apparently (maybe?) not doing correctly? I really don’t know—they were telling me I need to “start” doing things that I’ve already been doing. I was very confused about the purpose of the meeting.

I actually took a PAY CUT for this job, because I was so sick of management at my last place and just wanted to get out. I’m starting to regret it and think I was hoodwinked a bit, here. I think they were just desperate for a body.

So should I find something else? Or at the very least, negotiate a hefty raise?

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