Signed a new job in consulting, current employer counters afterwards with a better offer in good team – worth reconsidering?

Hi all,

For the past 1.5 years (first job out of university) I worked for a subsidiary of a large multinational (accounting/finance dept.). At a certain point I felt like I was not progressing anymore and saw little growth opportunities (on national level at least). I managed to land a job in consulting (Data & process opt.), the people (and team) I did the interviews with were very nice and it seemed a good fit. After I signed I was approached by an old manager of my current firm who is now managing a team (with pretty good exposure) up the chain and asked if I wanted to join his team (a team of which I know the members very well) instead and did me an offer. The consulting job offers considerably more than my current job, but the offer from my old manager is even considerably more than that. I expected a “counter”, just not so huge.

My old manager basically offers me zero question marks, I know what I will be doing (good learning experience as well) and with whom (people I enjoy working with), in a company that I enjoy working for. On paper it looks very one-sided, yet I have the feeling having a couple years of experience in a consulting role improves my profile considerably. Am I overvaluing the experience and opportunities in consulting here or is it worth pursueing?


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