Am I being asked to take a step back?

I work for a tech company and I lead brand partnerships, one major one in Canada and one major one in the US? I was abruptly told last week that I will be officially moving to the Canada team (I live in Canada but everything is wfh).

I wasnt particulalry happy with this since I will be losing exposure to a bigger market (the US), losing ownership of a large partnership and go from reporting into a director in the US to reporting to a sr.mgr in Canada who has zero experince in marketing partnerships. The move is being positioned in a way that Im better aligned with the Canadian brand team and their decision making and now my role will be split into 50% brand work. The brand stuff is great for learn but I feel like Im losing autonomy, losing exposure, losing ownership, having layers put over my head and also being cornered into a smaller market/team.

What would you do? I dont want to sound whiny or entitled but my whole role, operation and reporting is changing. It’s effectivley a new job that I didnt apply, for nor consulted on.

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