Leaving current job to start a new one, but got two offers for different companies. Which do I take?

A little context: I am leaving my current job after a series of events caused me to seek new employment, and I was offered a position at A1 Employer (leaving names out just in case). I also had applied to a job with B2 Employer, and they practically handed me the job when they called to set up the interview. A1 Employer is in a really nice city in the Midwest US, and has more potential for my family. B2 Employer is closer to where I grew up, and where my friends are, however not as much potential for career advancement. On one hand, I would love to live in the nicer city and raise my family there. On the other hand, I have no friends or family there, and B2 Employer is much closer to my friends and family. Pay would be better at A1 Employer. The cost of living where I would be with B2 Employer would be lower. Can anyone help me decide what to do?

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