What are your suggestions for a shift into an organization related job (like stocking or shelving) from working with children?

I have a Masters Degree and I have worked with children for the past 5-6 years. I started doing behavioral therapy, and after getting burnt out there, I decided to try teaching and of course it wasn’t better.

In my experiences so far, I’ve realized the problems with my career choices so far have been:
-I care too much, and anything not going well with the students/kids that I feel responsible for breaks my heart (I’ve gone to therapy to try to work it out, and I have not been able to resolve this, and I don’t see it getting better)
-I can’t stand being in charge of people or trying to get people to do things that they don’t want to do
-I have strong introversion, which hasn’t helped my coping. (Edit: I mean to say that how introverted I am has added to how tiring these jobs have been)

I have been thinking about previous career experiences that might help me choose a better path:
-Working in the university library putting books away was a peaceful job for me
-I have recently started doing food delivery and I enjoy it so far, because it’s doing something people like and it’s kinda just going

I feel like I need a relatively simple job to try (maybe stocking, maybe work in a warehouse, etc), but I don’t know where would pay best or have the best benefits. And I’m also worried that they won’t want to interview me because of my level of education.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

(Also, I’ll note that some reasons I went into the careers I’ve been in is that I like problem solving and I like helping people. But the emotional weight of the jobs and the responsibility for other people is too much)

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