Career switch after specialization burnout? Or switch employer?

I’m now 25 and have worked in safety & compliance management since I was 16 (Yes you read that right). I’m now second year university studying safety & security management but since I have so much work experience it’s not only starting to annoy the heck out of me (my university doesn’t grant experience exceptions) but also starting to dislike the “safety” environment itself, the corporate and business stuff. I am studying and working in the field and I feel burned out from it, especially the misunderstanding of how a safety management system works for an organization. I’m short I’m tired of how the average aviation company handles safety management matters. I’m tired of how companies become inflexible, and lose track of themselves in safety. It’s very common in this field, but am honestly tired of seeing it.

I have been thinking into finishing this bachelor and go towards a second bachelor in psychology, and have been fantasizing about my own practice of being a safety consultant in human factors (specialization under safety & psychology) in aviation, but honestly I don’t know anymore. I’m starting to reconsider everything and doubt my career choice.

I feel like I burn out really quick when something gets easy and repetitive, I can’t stand toxic people anymore as well. any ideas?

I’m thinking to look for a different employer… but I’m not sure if it will fix the entire issue. My goal was to specialize in safety management and elevate my position for a better salary/quality of life but I feel like it’s not attainable. I’m not sure if this will make me happy on the long term, but other than flying airplanes and this… I wouldn’t know what would otherwise.

I don’t know, I feel like I need a new challenge and something that makes me feel motivated and see something working on it instead of battling people every time on why they are being unsafe. Maybe I need to find the right employer?

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