Engineering graduate working in business, very lost.Next steps?

Engineer graduate transitioning into business

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well.

I graduated from college (5 year Mechatronics engineer), about 6 months ago.

I worked on technical areas about 1 year. Then almost died in a factory incident and decided it was time to move on… got into continuous improvement and got in love with business areas.

Now working as a program lead for business operations in a top tech company.

I have no idea what to do now. The work I’ve been doing has been praised by others. But I really lack business knowledge… my creativity has saved me So far.

I would really like to keep growing but I feel like I need to learn. My boss is asking me for career plans.

I really enjoy interacting with people, empathizing with them an turning their needs/dreams/wishes into solutions.

So business Improvement/transformation/ consulting sound a good plan.

I Want to go for as a master degree, but what should it be?

Finances? Economics? MBA? General management? Information technologies management?

What you think? What should I do?

Tldr: engineer graduate wanting to career towards business improvement consulting. What should I study/learn?

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