How do I handle responsibilities during my two-week resignation period?

I’m leaving my part-time gig at the end of October. I’m a social media content creator/manager for a small local business. I’ve been with them for 4 years (2 years in this position), but it’s time for me to move on. I have another full-time job that has given me more responsibilities and I can no longer handle both (unless I want to never see my family lol). ANYWAYS, I am telling them that my last day will be Oct. 31st but I am a little confused how to proceed with my work. Typically I plan the content a week or two in advance. Should I not plan content past Oct. 31st? Should I continue the way I always have, and plan the content for the first week of November? I feel a little weird letting them use my work when I am no longer in that position.

Not sure if this info helps but they have consistently pushed my boundaries and piled work onto me that is not within my pay grade or agreed upon tasks. They have severely underpaid me while I’ve been in this position as well. I think they will have a hard time finding my replacement for what they paid me. While I don’t want to burn bridges and love my other coworkers, I could care less about the management who will most likely take on my responsibilities once I leave.


**TLDR;** Leaving my job at the end of October. Do I plan content into November or stop at October 31st?

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