Pressure from job post-hurricane, how to resign?

Hi everyone,

I live in SWFL and our neighborhood has been adversely affected by Hurricane Ian. During the time without power, I have driven for miles just to get wifi signal to do some work where I can.

I’ve been working for a firm for just under 90 days that services clients and has due dates, and after their blank statement of “Let us know if you need anything” I have been getting a lot of criticism about not working fast enough and “ghosting” them. Mind you, this is HR and senior management.

As a result, I have been interviewing for new positions that will give leeway for normal human circumstances. I want to leave this job due to how they have been treating me, and the limited grace that they have because it’s all about their clients and not their employees.

The team is very thin, so I can tell they are going to want to push me to stay. What’s a good way (or reason) to resign without much pushback from them?

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