Stay in the mortgage industry or exit?

First job out of college since graduating in May. I’m originating mortgages for a small private lender. Currently doing processing and underwriting as well- so I’m getting paid a salary until Dec 1st. At that point I’m a full time originator and make 100% commission on a 1099. Ordinarily the whole commission thing wouldn’t scare me but the last few weeks have been pretty scary for mortgage rates.

These are for non owner occupied investment properties- so not even regular mortgages. A very new, niche type of financing. Rates are in the mid 8s to upper 9s. Theoretically I’m qualified to be just a processor/underwriter but I’m not a huge fan of these jobs.

It’s been 4.5 months and I’m contemplating whether I should plan an exit strategy. Rates were 5-6% when I started. I don’t anticipate them dropping anytime soon.

Pros: cool coworkers. laid back work environment. Travel opportunities. Tons of skill building and learning. Not micromanaged.

Cons: no work from home opportunities. 45+ min commute each way, every day. My 3 favorite colleagues plan to leave in the near future. Creepy boss/sexism in the office. Lack of diversity (I’m the only woman on a sales team of 8). Not much chance for growth after my promotion in Dec.

My boss has made very creepy advancements toward me at business functions (I’ll spare you the details) and I’m having to act like that never happened every day. He obviously favors attractive women, and always gives promotion opportunities to men over well qualified women.

I guess my question is- how long should I stick it out for resume purposes? And what career options am I setting myself up for with this entry role?

I’m 21. I know I can change fields or switch gears with virtually no penalty. I like the real estate industry and have become good with finance. I’m open minded to most anything at this point.

TY for reading 🙂

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