What should I do?

I need help making a decision that will not only affect me, but my entire family. I am going to try and put the situation into bullet format, so that it is easier to understand and read.

I need to make a decision on where I should work & where I should move. I am currently living in a HCOL area, where the housing costs are astronomical, as well as the rental prices.

• Currently living with family because my spouse and I can’t afford the housing costs in our area. Trying to save $, but it’s hard when you have 3 small kids and your in-laws make you pay for everything (utilities, groceries, etc.) since they are letting you live in their house.

•Been offered a few job opportunities, some have provided sign-on bonuses, others have not. The job offers in our current living area, have NOT offered any bonuses, but their pay rates are decent. The job offers in another state have offered $20k & $5k for me to relocate there.

•My actual job role sucks. It sucks here, there and even on Mars. It’s filled with toxic people. Yes, I work in healthcare. It is never going to get better, and I truly hope to get out of it and do something else with my life once my kids are all in school full time and I can get myself back into school for a masters degree.

Should I take the job in our current area and try my best to live with the in-laws and save $ or try and find a cheaper rental that I can at least TRY to save a little $ in? OR should I take the job in another state with a lower COL and suck it up and figure out a way to make this job work?

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time or the $ to go back to school at this current time. I need to wait a bit longer for that to happen. My priority right now is getting myself back to work and making $ to feed my children. But, this job really isn’t the best but it can pay the bills.

Thank you for the help and advice!

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