Coding Career Guidance?

Hi guys I have wanted to make this post for a few weeks now but I have been kind of afraid haha Im going to try anyway

I used to be a chef and I had an accident at work, I have been on disability for the past few years with a ton of health issues and getting out of the house is difficult and want to go back to work WFH I want to have a good quality of life

I have started doing full stack javascript on codeacademy the past few weeks and its going slow and steady I feel like I could get the hang of this if I stick with it, its all pretty new to me so was hoping to ask some questions and get some advice

Im 30 years old I have zero coding experience and do not have a college degree

Is game development something I could start now from scratch and have a career in? I have seen that ageism has been mentioned intermittingly throughout my research on coding and its kind of a big worry in the back of my mind

If I keep doing online courses like codecademy and build a portfolio with projects etc is that enough to get into the industry and work my way up? Or will I be at a big disadvantage without a college degree? This is another worry mainly from a financial perspective

I am doing full stack javascript because its the “best” I dont really understand why its the best or why I am doing this Im just following the tutorials I feel like the kid in high school saying “whats this algebra even for?” I have to start somewhere but this is probably the biggest worry I have its just filling my mind with worry and doubt, “what if I should have picked another coding language, another system etc what if i dont like it, what if” and so on its overwhelming

Thank you to anyone who reads!

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