lost and not sure what to do?

Bit of a strange one, but here is the context.

I am 27 yrs old, work in central London for British Telecom, I have worked here for 6 years, earn £35k per year, travel paid for, work 3 days in the office and 2 days from home and they are good to me in terms of being very flexible and understanding – I probably get away with more than I should.

I personally am extremely bored here at the job, it isn’t challenging, there’s certain processes in the business that I hate (favouritism, changing rules or procedures that effect my workload directly without telling me). I feel like a sharp tool that is slowly becoming blunted as I am pretty much a glorified spreadsheet’er at this rate.

I have a good relationship with my boss (he is extremely strict Muslim so it can be hard for him to see thing as I do sometimes), he’s a great man, I told him that I am going to consider looking elsewhere for work – he understands I am not happy here and can see it himself.

He suddenly pulled me into the meeting room today and said that he knows I am not at my max potential, and that my weaknesses are decision making and taking advice from the wrong people.

He says that he can see me taking over from our operations director when he retires (this won’t happen for years) and that he can see us possible reviewing my pay again in 12 months time and possibly getting an incentive / commission scheme for my work and eventually (years and years) be on around £50-60k (what our operations director is on now)

I’ve asked friends, and so many people are telling me to stay because I’ve already made a name here, I don’t have to start from the bottom, I can get a pay review in 12 months – but I am not happy overall.

I don’t know what to do, and only I can make the decision, I don’t want to move job and find out the grass isn’t greener and I am stuck in the mud.

Any advice is appreciated, I have no direction in terms of what I want to do and I feel lost

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