Making 70k in telecommunication sales at age 28 in Canada. I’m thinking of making a switch to be a realtor?

I’m working in the telecommunication industry for almost 5 years and currently have a position of sales manager for one of the biggest telecommunication broker company who works for two big carriers.

The problem I’m facing is that my store’s location is very bad and the other store within the mall from our company itself is generating about triple the volume than our store.

We can definitely say it could be due to the lack of talent or knowledge but this is not true. The previous team and the rest of the teams which handled the store before me had the same struggles and location problems.

I could make around $120k a year if I get a better store but for that I need to relocate to a different province or wait for someone in my area to leave which is least likely going to happen soon.

I have given a thought of going into real estate as a realtor looking at the opportunity and my skillset which definitely proves I’m the right fit. But one question which keeps coming to my mind is that; does that even worth trying with all the competition and improbabilities?

Thought you experts might be able to help me with this.

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