Nursing vs a tech career (IT or SE) as a career change. Both interest me, but what would you recommend for my background?

Coming from a teaching background and looking to move into healthcare or tech.

So, atm, I am working at a soul sucking manufacturing plant due to proximity to my house and from returning from teaching science abroad.

I am good at working with people and am an analytical thinker. I am looking into nursing, IT or Software Engineering.

I have a Psychology degree with a Chemistry minor (all the way up through organic chem 2 and advanced organic chemistry research), biology, no physics and anatomy/physiology 1.

I’m looking at either going to a community college to take any classes as needed. I’m not sure what would transfer over from my university (7 years ago) into a nursing program.

Equally, I am interested in IT/Tech. In this current market, does anyone have any recommendations at completely starting new at 32?

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