Trapped by golden handcuffs of a job, what should I do?

I have been at my job for 22 years, and I have hated every moment of it.
I make around 50 thousand a year before taxes. But I do get edo’s and 6 weeks vacation. I am scared to try and get another job as I might loose my benefits and vacation days. I also have a pension. I am 52 years old F in Canada. My only dream has been to have a cabin and to have a job I don’t hate. I am single with no children but I do have an elder parent I care for.

Is it a pipe dream to think maybe just maybe at 25 years I could retire and maybe get another job I don’t hate? Maybe in a different field? Would this screw over my pension? Just feels like such a waste to spend my whole life doing a job I hate. Would some even hire some one at my age ?
I have worked off and on in the film industry and as a writer but I am under no illusions that there is enough work there for me to pay the bills.

Feeling super stuck. And it’s getting worse with the economy being so bad right now.
I appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks for listening.

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