Redditors that have the confidence and aura of a Leader. How did you become this way und can you give advice for others who want to be this way?

So that you understand where I m getting from: Yesterday my boss told me that they were unsatisfied with my work. I’m a dual student so the bar is higher than with others. They gave konkret hints to where work physically lacks.( I am to slow and not confident in my tasks, even with simple ones, i forgett a lot).
But also… and this is more of a problem since it is within my personality, said that i am childish, not confident enough, and overall lack the motivation and fire they wish to see in a future leader.
It’s true that I have a really friendly nature. I am not dump or anything. I just can’t really be harsh with people I’m not super close with.
I give my best but now I am scared of losing my job. I am working there since 1. August. It is a big well known grocery store company.
Please help ..

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