‘Demoting’ myself to avoid stress?

Has anyone asked for demotion from a ‘good job’ because it was too stressful?

**TL;DR**: I’m feeling totally out of my depth in my new job and I want to run away. I bit off more than I can chew. This is not impostor syndrome I’m just being realistic about my skills. Everyone else in my team is so hard working and I’m just clinging on for dear life and it’s only been 2 weeks. I’m full of fear and physically unwell due to the anxiety.

**Long read**
At my last job I had a mental breakdown after months of overworking (6-7 days a week). Went on sick leave and eventually resigned. I had a 6 week break from working after I left and was dreading starting this new job.

This new job is better paid but is a HUGE step up in responsibility. I went from supporting projects at my last job to leading them here. I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m terrified because they’ve placed me on a high priority project with a tight deadline because of all my ‘amazing experience’. Yeah all my experience isn’t worth shit because the last year at my last job is a blur because of my mental breakdown and I exaggerated my experience in my interview. I feel horrible for lying and feel like this is my karma.

I talked to my new manager about my concerns but she said I’ll be fine because I have a lot of experience. Ugh. I’m in meetings with 10+ people asking me to questions I have no answers for. I try to bluff my way through it but I know I sound like I’m full of shit lol. I have 50+ items on my to do list and I haven’t even been here for a month.

It’s only been 2 weeks but I’m already dreading signing in every day. I’m struggling to sleep again and waking up with intense anxiety. I made a GP appointment today because I had severe chest pain last night and struggled to sleep.

I really want to resign before the pressure gets even worse. Im ready to accept a lower paying job. But I know everyone will think I’m crazy for leaving when I’m earning a lot more money and it’s a very good company.

Has anyone just left a job that was well paid and good for their career because it was too stressful? What did you do instead?

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