How can I manage self doubt? [UK] [Consulting]

I’m in my early thirties and working for a mid-sized management/technology consulting firm. I’m mid-level (Manager) and was promoted a year ago.

I received my first banding (performance review) at level this week with an above average score in two areas and an exceptional score in the third.

My one development point was that a few people know I have self doubt, and that it will eventually hold me back both at a personal level and as a leader. I agree with this development point.

I have always felt imposter syndrome at work and anxiety about being ‘caught out’ or that the better performing periods were just luck. Even after passing probation, being promoted, and receiving favourable feedback I still feel this.

**I’m looking for advice on how I can manage self doubt, and appreciate this isn’t 100% a career advice question.**

One option is coaching, which the company might pay for or I could pay for myself.

Another is seeing a therapist which would have less of the work angle, but it’s worth saying my self doubt extends well beyond my work. I generally do not value myself all that much.

Other than this I really don’t know what to do. I have this feeling of dissonance – I know from an objective standpoint I’m not doing badly. I also don’t feel like I need to be doing much better, it’s not a case of lofty ambitions (e.g. Partner by 40).

I have had this for as long as I can remember – felt stupid when I’m not, etc.

Any help appreciated, or even just sharing jour experience and journey if you have faced this too.

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