How do you cope when you get rejected from you backup job?

It’s been a hard few months. I graduated over the summer with a Master’s degree in I.T. and a 70k debt. I managed to secure 2 interviews with three 3 companies. None have given me an offer. The one that stung the most was a help desk job at my local bank that I thought “okay, if all else fails, this is a shoe in”. At the end of my first interview, the hiring manager was so impressed that she recommended me for a better position in the organization (unfortunately, it was filled by the time she reached out).

I thought the second interview went just as well. I had experience in the field, I answered all of the questions, I was friendly and personable, I dressed well… I got an email today saying it was close but they chose someone else.

This one was my backup… the one me and my friends were confident I would land. If not hearing back from the two other places wasn’t bad enough, now I have a minimum of 3 weeks before I have the hopes of securing a job somewhere…

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