Should I be a dev or get into a managerial role?

I’ve been lost with my career choices, to give a bit of background

I got my first job in tech in 2018 as a Data Analyst and for two years worked in the serviced department and then we made a product of the same thing which we provided services and then in 2020 I was promoted to Product Manager and since then I haven’t done any kind of coding task at work and fast forward to present, I feel lost and in comfort zone

So earlier this year I picked up Learning Solidity but half way through I lost interest in it!

I don’t know what to do, I think i should pick up programming back and get a developer role cause Managerial role is not exciting and I feel dumb doing it

I was thinking of picking up learning Rust and then finding a job?

Can anyone guide me on what I should actually be doing or should I even be listening to my brain?

Feeling very lost at the moment

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